Judy Chen

Hi, my name is Judy Chen. Game dev, pixel pusher, musician, and aspiring pilot.

Like most of Canada, this site is under construction.


Pumpkin Kid

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🏆 Ranked top 10% overall in GBJam 5

Featured in Jupiter Hadley's GBJam 5 Favourites

You find yourself in a graveyard with nothing but a shovel, and gun, and a pumpkin glowing on your head...


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In the wild it's meat or be meatened. With only your trusty grill keeping you afloat, you don't need to outrun the lions - you just need to outrun the other guy.

Bleach Bear

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A game in which you are an armless bear. As you are unarmed, the only logical thing to do is to, of course, shoot honeycombs with a fish gun.


This is you. You are a bear. You have nothing but your trusty fish gun. Not even arms. Why, you ask? But you can't speak. You are a bear.


These are the honeycombs. The honeycombs have faces. This one walks. And the other one flies. How? You do not know. Once again, you are a bear.


Made for stomping.
Cherry Bomb
Berry good.
Bottle of Bleach
From pH to HP
Boom-ble bee
Just beecause.


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Made with Tammy Liu

A memory dance game. Follow the AI's moves to get the high score.


Languages: JavaScript, Jade, HTML5, Python, CSS3, PHP
Tools: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Monk, Kik API, BeautifulSoup, mySQL, Zepto, Monogo
Team: James Yu, Andrew Gapic, Justin Stribling

Streamlines tab sharing, allowing users to group tabs into stacks, and Kik them to friends.

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Pass It On !!

Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS
Tools: MySQL, Facebook API, Ziggeo API, Hammerjs, Google Maps API
Team: James Yu, Frank Liu, Justin Stribling

Location-based image and video sharing platform that visually plots how media spreads by allowing users to track the journey of their uploads.

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Languages: JavaScript, HTML
Tools: Nodejs, Versal API, Abcjs API
Team: Li Xuanji

Interprets text to create sheet music, and reads it in a live playback.

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Languages: Java, Python
Tools: Android APK, Google Glass, Camfind API, HP Idol On Demand API
Team: Li Xuanji, Andrew Mendez, Kevin Brown

Google Glass ocular scanner search app incorporating optical character and image recognition.

🏆 Best Use of Google Services Award

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